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An award winning creative director and entrepreneur, Jim has earned a reputation of producing not only innovative marketing campaigns but also ones that prove highly effective to the client's bottom line. Before starting DCG in 1995 the Art Center graduate gained invaluable experience working for many years for large and mid-sized Southern California ad agencies first as art director and working up to creative director. He has serviced a wide range of industries including health care, food, real estate, entertainment, high tech, banking, communications, and tourism. He has also worked directly for companies like Sunkist, Vivitar and Teleflora as head of their creative management teams. Mr. Doolan’s experience spans all aspects of the business which is why he is as comfortable with internet design and marketing as he is with traditional print and broadcast advertising. Some of his past work include work for Nextel, Final Draft, Lockheed Martin, AmeriVoice, Power-One, Karrass Seminars, NMB Technologies and Shinano Kenshi Corporation to name a few.

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